Real Estate Law

Buying a Home in Canada

Real Estate Law

Purchasing a home in Canada just like in any country is a complicated process that requires many legally binding agreements. Real Estate lawyers are used to confirm that all agreements are properly completed, that the funds to be used in the transaction are kept safe and transferred properly, and that ultimately property ownership is successfully transferred upon completion of the transaction.

The Move to Canada Team includes highly experienced real estate lawyers who will take care of all the legal details to ensure you have a smooth purchasing experience. From Agreement of Purchase and Sale review to providing you with all ownership documents, our real estate lawyers are the best qualified in the business and here to help.

Our Real Estate Legal Services Include

Review of Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Preparing mortgage documents

Ensuring there are no liens on the property

Arranging title insurance

Real Estate, Property and Purchase Taxes

Wiring closing funds to seller’s lawyer

Conducting Title Search